Who am I? I will not answer this question directly as I would like to keep my anonymous. I know that in our day of age if you have a website on the main web such as this one you will never be anonymous. However, I still prefer to be discreet, the reason being that some people may not agree with my opinions and point of view and I don’t want their arguments to end up in my personal life. I want this website to be a place where I can share ideas and advice anonymously, I hope that your understand and respect this. 


What is this about? This website serves mainly as a blog and advice site. I will be posting blogs about different subject such as politics and finance as well as business ideas and advice. This is a place where my ideas and points of view will be shared with the whole wide web and ready to hear and take in inconsideration your points of view and ideas. I want this website to build an active society of collective speakers that agree upon the same ideas and principals.  



I live in the United Kingdom; however, this blog will be on a global scale there will be blogs and advice that will cover news and trends globally. However, most of the blogs will be based in Europe, America and East Asia. There will be posts about other countries that are not from the areas which I have mentioned. 



I will try to post as often as possible I will start by posting at least once a week, but if I see that there are a lot of activity and people reading the blog I will start to post more frequently. You will be able to subscribe and receive emails of when a new post has come out.